Why travel? It is such a simple question—why travel? The answer, however, is far from simple and differs for everyone. I wanted to travel to find out what was there, both along the way and at my destination. Fueled by the stories of my grandparents who had come from far-away places added to my excitement. In addition there was a book…

At the age of 10, I found a book my grandmother had given my father in 1938. I loved that book so much that I asked my dad if I could have it. I wrote on the introduction page that day’s date and “To Patty, love Daddy”. Richard Halliburton’s BOOK OF MARVELS changed my life. Stories of wonderful places, both foreign and domestic, accompanied by grainy black and white photographs filled my head with untold possibilities. The introduction said it all, especially the last part:

“I wish my father, or somebody, would take me to all these wonderful places. What good are they if you can’t see them? If I ever grow up and have a son, we are going traveling together. I’ll show him Gibraltar and Jerusalem, the Andes and the Alps, because I’ll want my boy not only to study geography—I’d like for him to live it too,” “Well, I’m grown up now,” he continued, “But as yet I haven’t any son or any daughter to go traveling with me. And so, in their places, may I take you?”

By so writing, I had been invited. Immediately the possibilities of my world expanded, and so, may I take you?

WARNING: Travel changes you. You will look the same when you return from your travels, but you will not be the same as before you left. Your world will have expanded. What happens after that is totally up to you. My suggestion? Keep your suitcase packed.